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Boundary Marking Surveys by Registered Surveyors

Boundary Marking Surveys are quick & easy with CBH. Our Registered Surveyors can mark all or part of your boundaries for:

  • Fencing Construction
  • Retaining Wall Construction
  • Setbacks of Buildings
  • Easements
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Vacant Blocks

For clarity in construction or disputes, or to establish property limits & put you in the picture of exactly what you own, contact us today.


CBH provides comprehensive contour surveys of your site enabling your architect or designer to effectively optimise your site.


Building Surveyors from CBH can accurately setout every stage of construction.


Boundary Marking Surveys are quick & easy with CBH. Our Registered Surveyors can mark all or part of your boundaries for any project.


CBH can perform Identification Surveys, also known as an Ident, Surveyor’s Certificate, Survey Report or House Survey.


CBH has Engineering Surveyors who can assist with all aspects of Infrastructure Surveying.


CBH provides accurate Lease Area Survey Reports in the format required by Property Council of Australia (PCA).


Our Registered Surveyors can provide As-Built Surveys for all construction types.

Protect Your Investment

It is always advised to have boundaries marked prior to building fences, retaining walls or extensions near critical setbacks. This will give you confidence that your investment is protected.

Don’t Leave to Chance

Existing fences are not a guarantee of the position of a boundary. Don’t leave it to chance, let us accurately determine these for you.

Peace of Mind

Our Registered Surveyors prepare a survey report & diagram for every boundary marking survey so you have a record and peace of mind.

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