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Civil Engineering for Stormwater Management Plans

Effective Stormwater Management is essential for all development through councils. Subdivisions & Developments cause a decrease in permeable land areas which results in increased Stormwater Runoff from a site.

The Civil Engineering Team at CBH delivers prompt & economical Stormwater Management Plans for your project to comply with Council Requirements and to minimize the impact of urban development.

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Council Requirements Expertise


Let us ensure your Stormwater Management is designed with Council compliance. We are familiar with the different planning requirements and formats for councils in the following regions:

  • Sydney
  • Central Coast
  • Lake Macquarie
  • Hunter Valley


We deliver prompt and economical Road Design Plans. We prepare DA plans for conceptualising your project through to CAD-designed, full Construction Engineering Plans.


The Civil Engineering Team can deliver Driveway Designs utilising your existing survey, or prepare a Topographic Site Survey for a base model to optimise your Driveway Design.


The Civil Engineering Team at CBH delivers Stormwater Management Plans for your project to comply with Council Requirements and to minimize the impact of urban development.


We are approved designers for Hunter Water Corporation and can deliver Water and Sewer designs for your development or new and exisiting dwellings.


CBH can effectively manage the construction and certification of engineering projects.

Complete Site Plans


We provide full site plans showing Stormwater Controls for:

  • Minimising Stormwater Runoff
  • On-site Retention
  • On-Site Detention
  • Water Storage & Harvesting
  • Nutrient Control Devices

Detention & Retention


On-site Detention is a stormwater pit system that provides the capacity to restrict the flow of stormwater into the pipe network so as not to overload the system during peak storms. Water is then released slowly of a period of time.

On-site Retention is where a set amount of stormwater is captured on the site and disposed of via methods such as infiltration. This is appropriate for certain sites, and depends also on the local council guidelines.

As development becomes increasingly dense some existing drainage systems are forced to cope with flows that they were never designed for. The above measures allow development to occur without the need and expense of upgrading the existing downstream drainage system.

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